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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum order?  The minimum bear order is $150 and the minimum baby order is only $100.  This makes it very easy for a new customer to try the line without having to make a major commitment, thus putting the customer at ease. 





What are the payment options for new customers?  New customers must pay via: Visa, Mastercard or Discover card for their first order.   Hospital Gift shops may receive Net 30 terms for all orders, provided a credit sheet is submitted for hospital gift shops that are placing their first order with Bearington.  A customer then has the option to complete and submit a credit application to be reviewed and approved by Bearington’s credit department. Once approved any future orders will be paid on terms.


How does a customer receive NET terms? A customer, who has been in business a minimum of 5 years, should fill out our credit sheet and submit it for approval.  The credit sheet must be completely filled out and list 6 references who currently give the customer NET terms.   The credit review process typically takes 4-6 weeks.   A customer is notified when they are approved for NET Terms.  Bearington offers NET 30 terms only. 


Why do I need to fill out a state sales tax exemption form?  All U.S. states that collect sales tax require a manufacturer with a “presence” in their state to either keep a customer’s state sales tax exemption form on file, or collect sales tax from that customer.  As Bearington does not charge sales tax, it cannot ship an order unless we have this form on file. 





What is the typical ship time?  Our average ship time is approximately 1 ½ weeks, but depending on the season and time of year, shipping could be more or less.  The person you place your order with will inform you of the current ship time since it constantly changes.


When a customer places an order are the ordered items reserved for the customer?  Unfortunately Bearington is not able to provide this type of service for our customers.  Items are allocated according to ship date, not order date.  We cannot hold product for future ship dates.  We always recommend our customers order early in the season if they want to ensure that they receive our best designs.  Bearington takes very few future orders.



From where does Bearington Collection ship?  Bearington’s shipping facilities are located in Kennesaw, Georgia.


How much does a customer pay for shipping?  Our freight costs are only 8.5% of the total dollar amount of the order.  Bearington shares our shipping discount with our customers, and offers extremely competitive freight costs.


How are orders shipped?  Orders are generally shipped UPS. 


What if a customer has special shipping requirements?  All special shipment requests must be reviewed and approved by our accounts manager and shipping director and each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.





How are backorders shipped?  A backorder of $30 or more will be shipped.   All backorders under $30 will be automatically cancelled.   The backorder information is printed on the customer invoice and packing slip.  If a customer wishes to add to a backorder in order to reach the minimum for it to ship, they can do so as long as they order product we have available.


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